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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Why is life worth Living when you have RA

I saw this landscape in Carmel on the famous 17 mile drive.  I was in the passenger seat and my friend Julie was driving.  I gasped when I looked out and saw this lone tree along the bluff.  This symbolized RA and life with RA for me.  It gave me a source of great comfort that this Tree was in perfect condition being pounded by the beach waves and harsh wind of the coast.  This tree commanded attention to itself.  This tree was being painted by several people.  I chose this painter above who was alone off on the side, not wanting attention,  to talk to. She was painting the landscape, because it touched her.  She painted ultimately for me, not knowing this at the time.   I now own this painting she is painting in the picture.  It reminds me everyday that no matter who much RA can take.. I can still stand strong, be beautiful, be ALIVE.  
Life with RA is a never ending storm.  The winds can be calm and soothing at times, which don't come often.  The wind and cold and salt water attack every limb right down to the root.  RA acts like a crazy lumber jack.  It tries to break off, tear apart and shred our bodies and mind.  The cliffs around this tree our the people in our life who hold us up.

These are a lot of the reasons that are worth living.  They are my foundation to living a kind and loving life with RA.    I am the main reason my life is worth living.  In my thoughts like I am here
I am looking at life and how beautiful and simple it can be.  RA gifted me the time to think about what it is important.  Time to look at simple creeks,  smelling the roses, putting my feet in the sand, feeling the cold water go over my hands.  I needed help in and out of this chair.  I needed to bundle up so my joints wouldn't flare any longer.  I sat in that chair watching my kids look for rocks in the creek.  If I didn't have RA I would have been running in the water like them.  Instead I had to do it differently.  I sat and absorbed the life and energy around me.  Its a choice we have.  Choose to be miserable and give away our life to the disease or Choose to live with your limitations and learn to enjoy life with them.  Be thankful for the time to spend undistracted from regular busy life.  Enjoy the moments that we are given everyday.  We are in pain... that is true..  but that is just a flaw we have.  It doesn't define who we are.   Never take your life for granted.  Never think its not worth living.  Know that you are a special person who can be happy, and give happiness to others.  Its our duty to give life a chance and fight RA with all we have.  Happiness is possible if you feel you deserve it.  Guess what?  YOU DO DESERVE IT!  

WILL YOU WALK THE PATH TO HAPPINESS?  THE BRIDGE IS CREAKY AND OLD JUST LIKE WHAT WE FEEL LIKE ON A DAILY BASIS...  ITS WORTH TAKING THE STEPS TOWARDS YOUR HAPPINESS....  You need me to hold your hand and walk with you...  Amie...  I will hold your hold hand and we will walk together across this bridge and I will assist you in the process of getting back to your happiness.  Come to me... lets go..     You are loved by me.